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 Nokia 3200 Nokia 3200

9th November 2003

The Nokia 3200 is a fully-featured phone with a twist. For some time now, Nokia and other handset makers have been building phones with changeable snap-on covers. The Nokia 3200 goes further than this, supplying paper templates that can be put into most inkjets and colour lasers so that people can create a truly individual design, be it girlfriend, pet cat, football teams or whatever

It may look a little gimmicky on the outside, but underneath is a very decent multifunction tri-band phone featuring WAP over GPRS, HSCSD for standard dial-up (where available) and an XHTML browser, plus an integrated digital camera, polyphonic ringtones and Java games.There's predictive text input, MMS and the usual sorts of features that you'd expect, but then the Nokia 3200 manages to fit in an FM radio and torch to boot. Somehow this all fits into a fairly standard 90 gram package measuring 45x106x20 mm.

 Nokia 3200 There are a few of points with the Nokia 3200 that not everyone might like, and the first one of these is the keypad with it's pretty sparse number of keys. Primarily designed for games and media control, it seems fiddly for manual dialling or texting. On the other hand, if you enjoy playing games and use the phonebook more than manual dialling, then the 3200 loks good. However, a fully-loaded lightweight phone like this means a short battery life, and although the Nokia 3200 has a pretty good standby time of six days, talktime is typically two to four hours, ruling it out of most business applications, which is a shame because a company logo branded phone could be a good seller.

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