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Panasonic's Line Up for 2005

2004 was a grim year for Panasonic with a series of products that were very late to be delivered to market, and not all were well received by customers. Panasonic's 2005 product range, announced at 3GSM are very much improved, but given Panasonic's dire state we doubt very much if they can deliver in time or make any sizable impression on the market when they arrive. However, it's possible this new product range could turn around Panasonic's fortunes.

Apart from the VS/SA/MX range of phones, there are a number of very different handsets being offered.

Panasonic X800

Probably the flagship phone from the current crop, the X800 fits in with slimline theme, coming in at 17.2mm but squeezing in a Symbian Series 60 smartphone which can edit Microsoft Office documents and store data on a miniSD card.

Exact details aren't known at the time of going to press, but the X800 will most likely have a similar screen size to other Symbian smartphones, support Bluetooth, and come with a good range of applications.

However, Panasonic's previous smartphone attempt, the X700 was little short of a disaster. After being delivered nearly a year late, in many markets it failed to make any kind of impression at all and was hastily discounted to clear stocks.

 Panasonic X800  

Panasonic A210

A lightweight, simple handset weighing 68 grams and with a 128x128 pixel 65,000 colour display but no camera, very similar in concept to the X100 handset.

 Panasonic A210  

Panasonic SC3

Another lightweight, basic handset, this time with a camera. In hardware terms very much like a more sober version of the X200.

 Panasonic SC3  

Unfortunately, handset details are sketchy and supplied photographs are not of good quality due to the shortcomings of Panasonic's press department. We're not even sure when these handsets will hit the market, if ever. There is also a 3G phone being launched, the VS9 but since Panasonic haven't bothered to share any details at all, then we can't tell you about it.

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