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HTC P6300 (HTC Panda)

 HTC P6300 Available now
9th July 2007

An unusually large PDA-style smartphone, the HTC P6300 (codenamed the "Panda") is a Windows Mobile 5 device that is almost exactly identical in size to HTC's earlier device sold as the O2 XDA II from way back in 2003.

 HTC P6300 Be in no doubt - this is much larger than most tablet-style smartphones at 170 x 70 x 18mm and 160 grams in weight (just 20 grams lighter than the O2 XDA II). The large size means a large screen - in the case of the HTC P6300 this is a 3.5" 240x320 pixel touch sensitive display, plus a 2 megapixel camera, SD memory slot with SDIO capabilities, Bluetooth and WiFi support.

Windows Mobile 5 is a pretty familiar package, and it comes with support for Microsoft Office documents and the HTC P6300 supports Microsoft's Direct Push email. HTC are pitching the P6300 at business users, especially functions such as warehousing and delivery where the large screen is a bonus.

It's a slightly odd device - the HTC P6300 comes with Windows Mobile 5 rather than the new version 6. HTC have an upgrade programme for some of their other handsets, so it's quite likely that the P6300 can be upgraded at a later date.

A more serious problem with the HTC P6300 is the lack of any high-speed cellular data connectivity. When not using the P6300 on WiFi, you're stuck with GPRS only which many users will find slow. The lack of UMTS, HSDPA or even EDGE data is a serious omission from this handset.

Although the HTC P6300 marks a welcome return for this style of large format PDA-type smartphone, we feel that ultimately the phone is flawed and this will restrict its market appeal.

The HTC P6300 is available now for a SIM-free price of around €580 / £370.

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HTC P6300 (HTC Panda) at a glance


Q3 2007


GSM 900/1800/1900




240x320 pixels


2 megapixels


Large PDA-style device
170 x 70 x 18mm / 160 grams



Memory card:









Windows Mobile 5

Battery life:

Not specified


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