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Palm Treo 755p

 Palm Treo 755p Expected May 2007 (United States)
9th May 2007

The Palm Treo 755p looks almost identical to the Treo 750 - but underneath this is a very different handset. For a start, the "p" stands for "Palm" meaning that this is a traditional PalmOS device rather than a Windows one. The second difference is that this is a CDMA handset for use in the United States.. and as yet there's no GSM version for use anywhere else.

Exclusive at launch to the Sprint network, the Palm Treo 755p is a supports high-speed EV-DO device giving it 3G data capabilities. The 755p's screen has been upgraded to a 320x320 pixel panel (up from 240x240 pixels on the 750) and to aid navigation, the 755p's display is a touchscreen too with a stylus supplied in the box.

It's a fairly large and heavy device at 160 grams (5.64 ounces) in weight and 113 x 59 x 21mm (4.4 x 2.3 x 0.84 inches), but to its credit it features a full QWERTY keyboard plus a navigation pad and ancillary keys. On the back is a 1.3 megapixel camera and the Treo 755p also features miniSD expandable memory (up to 4GB) on top of the 128MB of internal memory. The Treo 755p also support Bluetooth.

Palm are making a big deal of including a version of Google Maps in the built-in software. Although this is a useful application and certainly highly usable with a touchscreen, the Treo 755p lacks GPS. There's a useful suite of applications other than Google Maps though, including a web browser, document viewer, multimedia player and email client.

Email is one area where the 755p shines - it works with Microsoft Direct Push, standard internet protocols or with a variety of third party applications. The Treo 755p's document viewer copes with most types of attachment and the high-speed data means that messages and attachments can be accessed without undue delay.

Palm say that the Treo 755p should be available on the US Sprint network from mid-May. Given that the 755p won't work at all on a GSM or UMTS network then European users will have to wait for a 3G PalmOS device, but the fact the the Treo 755p exists at all is an encouraging sign.

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Palm Treo 755p at a glance


Q2 2007






320x320 pixels, 65k colours


1.3 megapixels


PDA style device
113 x 59 x 21mm / 160 grams



Memory card:








Battery life:

Not specified


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