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Siemens ST55

25th October 2003

Siemens ST55The Siemens ST55 is a recent addition to the increasing impressive Siemens range of mobile phones. A little more conventional than the Siemens SX1, the  ST55 features a built-in VGA resolution camera (640x480 pixels) and a large 65,000 colour display at 160x120 pixels.

Weighing just 87 grams and measuring 99x47x22 mm (picture shown is approximate size on a 72dpi monitor) the Siemens ST55 is a lightweight but feature packed little handset.

The ST55's camera is not bad in terms of resolution, and it has a 4x digital zoom, but the inbuilt memory is only 1.2Mb which is probably just about adequate as long as you're not trying to store too much.

Of course, the ST55 has the usual features associated with this type of handset, such as EMS, MMS, polyphonic ring tones and the like. Siemens have built in a fairly powerful set of applications too.

It's attractively presented though, but not overly flashy. It looks like Siemens have attempted to create a decent all-round phone that is smart but fairly conservative in looks at the same time.

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