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Sagem my150x

 Sagem my150x Available now
24th September 2007

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The Sagem my150x is a very low cost phone from this French manufacturer which manages to look very stylish and comes with an interesting display technology too.

It's a very light phone, the Sagem my150x weighs just 65 grams. At just 10mm thick, the my150x is very slim too - in fact, it's one of the slimmest phones on the market. Overall dimensions are 107 x 47 x 10mm, which means that the my150x isn't too small to use. The handset is attractively finished with chrome highlights to add to the slightly unconventional monoblock layout.

The display is pretty unique - it's a large 1.8" 101x64 pixel monochrome panel that uses a technology that Sagem call "NeoNTM". Exactly how this works is unclear, but Sagem say that the display is similar to a "classic Casio watch". It certainly does look a little like the type of display that you'd see on an old-style LED calculator which is no bad thing. Information is displayed in a high contrast blue-on-black display which certainly gives the Sagem my150x a distinctive look. The menu system on the my150x has been specially created to make use of the novel display.

 Sagem my150x The rest of the features on the Sagem my150x are pretty straightforward - it's a dual-band GSM device with a vibrate function, speakerphone and polyphonic ringtones and that's pretty much it. Despite its stylish looks, the Sagem my150x is very inexpensive - a SIM free version is around €60 / £40 and you can expect a discount if you buy a prepay version.

In France, the Sagem my150x is currently available on Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Virgin. In the UK the my150x will be available on Orange pay-as-you-go, initially through Asda stores. The handset will be on the market from September onwards, and we suspect might be a popular gift at Christmas.

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Sagem my150x at a glance


Q3 2007


Dual-band GSM




101x64 pixels, monochrome




Slim monoblock
107 x 47 x 10mm / 65 grams



Memory card:








Battery life:

3 hours talk


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