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3 Skypephone S2 Preview

 3 Skypephone S2 Discontinued
26th July 2008

The original 3 Skypephone was a useful but fairly basic handset launched last year. It was almost definitely the easiest way to get Skyping on a mobile phone, and combined with 3's generous data tariffs and excellent approach to roaming charges it proved to be a minor hit, but somewhat overshadowed by the release of the iPhone.

The biggest problem with the original Skypephone was its specification. With a 176 x 220 pixel display and 2 megapixel camera, it was hardly going to set pulses racing.

So, now we have the 3 Skypephone S2 due for release in the UK on August 18th and presumably in other 3 regions at roughly the same time. The Skypephone S2 improves the display, camera and download speeds over the original, making it a very much more attractive handset to consumers.

The Skypephone S2's screen is a 240 x 320 pixel panel measuring 2.2", the camera is now 3.2 megapixels although we don't know how sophisticated it is. The S2 also features HSDPA, so download speeds can be a lot quicker than the original (if you live in a 3.5G coverage area). One other nice feature is that the Skypephone S2 contains all the Windows drivers you need to turn it into a modem - plug in the USB cable and everything will install automatically without needing a CD or internet download. If you have used one of 3's USB modems then you will have seen this in action before.

 Skype logo We don't know all the other specifications of the Skypephone S2 yet. We do know that there is 50MB of internal memory expandable up to 4GB using microSD cards, the handset measures 103 x 45 x 14mm and is powered by a beefy 1150 mAh battery. Also, the phone is made for 3 by Amoi of China who give it the catchy model name of WMA8709.

What we have here then is easy-to-use Skype without too many compromises. The specifications are quite decent, the handset is tidily designed and we know that the Skype capabilities should be good if it is anything like the original. Pricing will vary depending on tariff, the figure of £69.99 has been mentioned, but we don't know which calling plan this is for.

The bottom line is this - if you spend a LOT of money on phone calls, then it is quite likely that the Skypephone can save you a considerable amount of cash while still being a pretty good mobile phone. We are sure that will appeal to many potential customers.

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3 Skypephone S2 at a glance


Q3 2008






240 x 320 pixels


3.2 megapixels


Medium monoblock
103 x 45 x 14mm



Memory card:










Battery life:

Not specified


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