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Nokia Morph & Nokia Remade

25th February 2008

Nokia Morph

 Nokia Morph

One of two very different concept phones from Nokia, the Nokia Morph is a theoretical future device based on nanotechnology that can change shape and size according to function. The concept is currently a theoretical one only, and is the result of research between Nokia and the University of Cambridge.

Nokia say that it is possible that some nanotech elements could be incorporated into handsets within the next seven years, but there are potential pitfalls with nanotechnology too. Even though Nokia's Dr. Tapani Ryhanen says that they "seek a safe and controlled way to develop and use new materials," there is always the "grey goo" problem which might accidentally destroy the world.

Nokia Remade

 Nokia Remade

The Nokia Remade is an utterly different approach to handset design. Utilising a high proportion of recycled materials in its construction, the Remade uses a body of recycled aluminium, plastic and rubber to reduce the reliance on new materials. The display and screen have also been redesigned to minimise environmental impact, and overall the Remade contains many technologies that seem easily reachable.

Nokia have certainly made an effort to come up with some practical and achievable ways of reducing the environmental impact of the mobile phone manufacturing process, something that they started with the Nokia 3110 Evolve, but what is surprising is that this level of recycling is not already taking place, and that it is only Nokia who seem to be pushing this forward.

Remember, both of these handsets are concepts, but the Remade device contains technologies that are very likely to be seen during 2008 and 2009. As for the Morph.. well perhaps we will see the Morph and Remade battle it out to destroy or defend the earth sometime in the future? Who knows?

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