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Motorola A810, ZN200, VU20 and a Moto Mystery

Announcement expected soon
2nd July 2008
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A sneak peek at four new Motorola handsets due to be officially announced very soon.

Motorola A810

We first saw the Motorola A810 back in April, and reported that it was a midrange GSM-only touchscreen phone with a basic 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and microSD expandable memory. Well, we still don't have the full specifications of the A810 but we do have some much better pictures for your enjoyment. Available in Black or White colours, we suspect that this is aimed at China rather than the rest of the world.

 Motorola A810

 Motorola ZN200 Motorola ZN200

The Motorola ZN200 (pictured right) is a fairly basic GSM slider phone with a 2 megapixel camera, 176 x 220 pixel display, microSD expandable memory, FM radio and Bluetooth.

There's not much to get enthusiastic about here, although we suspect that the ZN200 will be pretty cheap when it comes out and looks like a viable option for prepay or budget customers.

 Motorola VU20 Motorola VU20

Although the only picture we have of the Motorola VU20 (left) sports what looks like a Korean keypad, this particular device is actually a UMTS / HSDPA 2100 phone with tri-band GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900.

From the inside, the VU20 looks rather like a Motorola U9 or PEBL U6. Our best guess is that the VU20 is a PEBL version of the Motorola RAZR2 V9.


We don't know what this handset is called.. so, let's call it the MOTOMYSTERY for now.

This is a 3G device with a 2 megapixel primary camera, video calling, plus microSD expandable memory. The really surprising thing is that the MOTOMYSTERY appears to support A-GPS. Perhaps it can be considered to be a mass-market GPS device. Who knows?



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