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Voq Professional

25th October 2003

Voq ProfessionalSierra Wireless are a pretty unknown name in the cosumer market, as most of their products have been industrial, commercial or telecoms based. So the Voq Professional is a bit of a turn up for the books.

The Voq Professional is a combined PDA/mobile running Windows Mobile 2003, which takes the power and familiarity of the Windows operating system in a and puts it into tiny package. It's a tri-band GSM phone, so it will work pretty much anywhere there's a GSM network, and the Voq supports data transfer over GPRS. The Voq Professional supports POP3 and IMAP email, instant messaging through Microsoft MSN Messenger, SMS and MMS.

The Voq Professional runs Pocket Internet Explorer and can play back audio and video using the inbuilt Windows Media Player software.

PDA/PIM functions on the Voq Professional are what you would expect for a Windows-based PDA. The Voq connects to a PC using a USB cable and supports data synchronisation with Microsoft Office products.

Voq keypadOne really special thing about the Voq Professional that stands out from other similar Windows-based PDA/phones is the clever QWERTY thumbpad. This is a good looking solution to data input which can otherwise be a bit fiddly on PDAs.

Underneath, the Voq Professional has a 200MHz Intel XScale processor, 48Mb of Flash memory (20Mb for storage) and 32Mb internal RAM (16Mb for applications).

Sierra Wireless haven't specified size, weight and battery life of the Voq Professional at time of going to press, but it's likely to be slightly larger and heavier than the similar Orange SPV e100 which is 120x50x23mm and weighs 120g. Sierra Wireless are keen to emphasise long battery life, which has always been a weak point in Windows-based mobiles.

There's certainly no other phone like the Voq Professional. Maybe it's not quite the perfect hybrid PDA/Phone/music player, but it is certainly getting there.

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