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Vodafone 905SH / Sharp 905 (Now called Softbank 905SH)

 Vodafone 905SH / Sharp 905 Available now(in Japan)
15th March 2006

The Vodafone 905SH is a 3G phone with a digital TV receiver, aimed at the Japanese market. Roughly comparable to the Nokia N92 and Samsung SGH-P900 & P910 in terms of capabilities, the Vodafone 905SH supports the ISDB-T digital TV standard which is currently only used in Japan. Made exclusively for Vodafone KK by Sharp, the 905SH will never reach other territories in this form because of its reliance on ISDB-T, however there are some interesting technologies that we hope will make it out of Japan.

The display on the Vodafone 905SH is a little unusual - it's a 400x240 pixel display with a 2.6" (66mm) diagonal display in 260,000 colours. The display uses technology from Sharp's Aquous range of LCD TVs to help with the picture quality and also giving the 905SH a wide viewing angle. As well as ISDB-T digital transmissions, the 905SH can receive analogue TV signals and FM radio too.

Apart from the wide rotating screen and prominent TV antenna, the Vodafone 905SH is pretty much a typical 3G phone when it comes to physical and technical characteristics, at 105x45x27mm in size, 143 grams weight, 3 hours talktime and 15 days standby time, miniSD expandable memory, a 2 megapixel main camera, Bluetooth and all the other features you'd expect to find in a 3G phone of this type. It's a little heavier than the 124 gram Samsung P900/P910.. but then it has a larger screen, and it's substantially lighter than the Nokia N92,. but then that has a greater colour depth and WiFi. These comparisons are pretty academic though, as the Samsung and Nokia handsets use an incompatible digital TV format.

Despite the limited market appeal of the Vodafone 905SH, this is an impressive handset as it draws on the strengths of Sharp as a handset and TV manufacturer, along with Vodafone's 3G network to come up with something really quite clever.

Due for release in June 2006, the Vodafone 905SH should be available in Black, White and Aquamarine colours.

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Vodafone 905SH at a glance


June 2006


UMTS 2100




240x400 pixels, 260k colours


2.0 megapixels


Large clamshell
105x49x27mm / 143 grams









Battery life:

34 hours talk / 15 days standby


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