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MeeGo and Limo are dead: long live Tizen.

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 Tizen, MeeGo and Limo 29th September 2011

Formed just last year, MeeGo is no more. The operating system that came about as a merger of Nokia's Maemo OS and Intel's Moblin platform generated nothing of interest in its 18 month lifespan apart from the beautiful but doomed Nokia N9. As far as most consumers are concerned, MeeGo is a platform that was too late, and even now customers in most major markets will never be able to buy a MeeGo device.

MeeGo's fate is to merge with LiMo to create a new platform called Tizen. LiMo's last major outing was with the cancelled Vodafone 360 line built by Samsung. Unlike MeeGo, both LiMo and Tizen are official Linux Foundation projects which should help establish and maintain standards.

To be blunt, this attempt to merge together two failed operating systems is unlikely to add up to a successful one. Not that there's anything wrong with MeeGo or LiMo, in fact they are perfectly up to the job, but there are simply too many OSes in this sector. As HP, Nokia, Microsoft and RIM know, customers seem to be happy with Android devices or the iPhone without leaving much space for WebOS, Symbian, Windows or BlackBerry OS.

Tizen hope to have their operating system and developer's kit available during Q1 2012. They are aiming in time to develop for smartphones, tablets, netbooks, in-vehicle systems and entertainment devices.

You can find out more about the Tizen project at


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