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Sonim XP1 Torture Test

24th October 2008

 Sonim XP1 The Sonim XP1 is hardly a new phone - we first looked at it almost a year ago in its JCB Toughphone variant. But Sonim are proud of just how tough the XP1 is and sometimes come up with demonstrations to prove it.

This latest test has involves a machine called "The Destroyer", basically a large hammer which repeatedly hits the XP1 to see how long it will take to destroy. Visitors can see the "experiment" live, and can win one of the handsets by guessing how long it will last and how spectacularly it will fail. As we go to press, the XP1 has been hit 33,000 times.

Once the XP1 has met its maker, Sonim are open to suggestions as to what to destroy next. Quite a few people have suggested the iPhone.. we suspect that it will take rather less than 33,000 hits to smash that.

It's a bit of silliness we suppose, but it is worth noting that Sonim also have an upcoming XP3 which promises to be even more impressively macho than the XP1. Presumably they'll need to lob an atom bomb at it or something.

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