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Siemens CXF65

 Siemens CXF65 Discontinued
20th June 2004

The Siemens CXF65 is a compact clamshell camera phone that looks distinctively different from most other clamshells on the market. There's nothing particularly groundbreaking with the CXF65 in terms of features, but we think that Siemens have put together a good package that demonstrates their growing confidence and competence in the mobile phone market.

This handset has a 128x160 pixel main display in 65,000 colours with a 96x64 pixel external monochrome unit, a VGA resolution digital camera, with built-in camera flash/torch but manages to squeeze all of this into a handset weighing just 88 grams and measuring 97x48x23 mm including the external loop antenna.

 Siemens CXF65 closed We've seen this loop antenna before, most recently in the Siemens CF62 but first in the Sony Ericsson Z200. In fact, there are several bits of the CXF65 that look a little familiar, the keypad has a touch of the Motorola V600 about it, the raindrop motif on the outside of the CXF65 looks a little like the styling found on some Panasonics, but this is combined with a big dash of Siemens in-house styling to come up with something that's distinctly a Siemens but also something that learns from the competition. We think it looks great.

The software is pretty competent too, with Java support, PIM functions, polyphonic ringtones, POP3 email support, and WAP. Network support is tri-band GSM with GPRS.

In features, the CXF65 doesn't look too hot compared to a lot of recent announcements, but when you bear in mind that this phone is slated for release in mid 2004, and a lot of the "announced" phones are still months away, the CXF65's feature set then looks more competitive. Don't forget that all of these features are in a handset weighing just 88 grams.

What's baffling here is that Siemens did an excellent job at a fully featured lightweight handset with the CXF65, but when they designed the SL65 they managed to get something with less features than the CXF65 into a larger and arguably less attractive package.

However, we like the CXF65 and think that it's a well-packaged phone with good looks that should be a useful handset to consider if you're looking for a lightweight clamshell that stands out a little from the crowd.

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Siemens CXF65 at a glance


Q3 2004


Tri-band GSM




128x160 pixels, 65k colours


640x480 pixels with flash


Compact clamshell
97x48x23mm / 88 grams









Battery life:

3 hours talk / 8 days standby


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