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Sendo X2

14th February 2005

 Sendo X2 Billed as a "music phone", the Sendo X2 is actually much more than that. Derived from the well-received Sendo X, the X2 comes with an improved camera at 1.3 megapixels, miniSD memory expansion (up to 1Gb) replacing the older SD slots in the X, plus the X2 comes with MP3 playback support in addition to many other multimedia formats.

Like the X, this is a Symbian Series 60 smartphone, but it's much lighter than the X - the Sendo X2 comes in at just 95 grams and it's only 18mm thick.

Sound output is through Sendo's "SoniX" audio system, and the maximum of 1Gb of memory should easily fit over a dozen CDs worth of music. Sure, this is no iPod in music terms, but it's highly impressive. Sendo have spent some time working on the music playing software to make it easy to use.

The screen size on the Sendo X2 isn't specified, but we imagine that it's 176x220 pixels. Of course, this is a Bluetooth phone so it can be connected to a PC or a variety of peripherals.

There are the normal series 60 features such as a web browser and email support. The X2 has GPRS and tri-band GSM. In addition, the Sendo X2 comes with voice recognition.

The X2 is the flagship product of a set of three new handsets from Sendo, and is by far the most advanced. These new devices are combined with a much more aggressive marketing approach (called "YOU CHOOSE") from Sendo in order to boost brand recognition and sales.

Slated for availability in Europe during the Summer of 2005, it will be  key test of Sendo's abilities if they can actually get the X2 to market in this time. However, this is a seriously cool looking handset (although maybe not quite as cool as the original X) and will be worth waiting for, whenever it turns up.

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Sendo X2 Provisional Specifications


Q3 2005


Tri-band GSM




176x220 pixels, 65,000 colours


1.3 megapixels


Standard candy bar format
Size not specified / 95 grams









Battery life:

Not specified


Symbian Series 60


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