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Samsung Night Effect (GT-M7500) Unboxing

1st March 2009

You might call it overpackaged, but the Samsung Night Effect is certainly one of the best presented phones that we have seen. It would make a particularly impressive gift for someone!

The box is smart enough..

 Samsung Night Effect Box

But inside the box is a sort of presentation case / washbag thing. If you took the external box away, you wouldn't have a clue as to what was inside.

 Samsung Night Effect Unboxing

The handset is nicely presented on a layer of its own. Underneath is another bag with all the accessories in it. The bag is detachable, so you can take the accessories with you easily.

 Samsung Night Effect Unboxing

 Samsung Night Effect Unboxing

There's a 1GB microSD card as standard. Usefully, the back panel comes with some instructions for those who cannot be bothered to read the manual.

 Samsung Night Effect Unboxing

There are quite a lot of accessories in the box, including wired headphones, a lanyard and a microSD adapter.

 Samsung Night Effect Unboxing

 You can read more about the Samsung Night Effect here.

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