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Samsung i7410 Projector Phone Preview

 Samsung i7410 Cancelled
9th March 2009, Updated Feb 2010

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The Samsung i7410 is a smartphone with a built-in projector, capable of beaming out an image of up to 50 inches diagonally in size.

Samsung's details are a bit sketchy - the i7410 comes with a 3.2" 240 x 400 pixel touchscreen and a 5 megapixel camera, it measures 112 x 57 x 17mm, but we don't know what operating system it runs, although as an "i" series phone the i7410 should definitely be a smartphone. This is a 3G device with video calling, but there is no mention of WiFi support.

 Samsung i7410 rotated We just have a single photograph of the i7410 to go on at the moment. Manipulating the press photo shows the front facing camera, a call and end button and a circular control pad. It looks a little bit light the Omnia, but there are no real clues as to what might be underneath.

A video clip from golem.de reveals more about the i7410 and indicates that this is a 3G device with a comprehensive media player, FM radio, a large 1440 mAh battery and microSD expandable memory. The i7410 runs the TouchWiz interface, but as that runs on either Windows or Symbian then we still don't know exactly what kind of smartphone this is.

This is definitely a very clever bit of kit, and it will no doubt be very impressive when you do an entire presentation directly from your phone, or show off some video clips to your friends. But ultimately, is the i7410 actually of any practical use? We don't know, but Samsung can let the market decide on this one whenever it comes out.

Update 15/2/10: it's been a year since this was announced, we assume that it has been cancelled and replaced with the I8510.

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Samsung i7410 at a glance




GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 + UMTS 2100




240 x 400 pixels, 262k colours


5 megapixels


PDA-style device
112 x 57 x 17mm



Memory card:







Not specifed



Battery life:

Not specifed


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