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Samsung GT-M3510, GT-M3200, GT-i8510, GT-i7110 and GT-S7330

 Samsung Logo 12th July 2008

Four new Samsung handsets that are due to be announced soon are the Samsung GT-i8510 and GT-i7110 smartphones, the GT-M3510 and GT-M3200 music phone and what appears to be an entry-level GT-S7330 GSM phone.

Of course, this new naming convention breaks ranks with the traditional "SGH" names that Samsung GSM and WCDMA phones have had so far, presumably with "GT" standing for "GSM Telephone". Adding an extra digit to the product number is probably a good idea too, bearing in mind that Samsung have over 300 GSM / 3G mobile phone models old and new.

The only two phones that we have much information on are the GT-i8510 (also called the "Primera") which is a Nokia N96 class multimedia phone with an 8 megapixel camera, up to 16GB of internal memory, 3.5G, WiFi and a 2.8" display plus the Symbian operating system, according to this report from a Vietnamese blog which is accompanied by some excellent spy shots.

Mobil.cz have some details on the GT-M3510, giving us a glimpse of a pretty standard music phone at first glance. The reports are that the M3510 has some sort of shake control, which is interesting.

The indications are that Samsung will be announcing at least some of these GT-series handsets very soon. We will certainly be interested to see the GT-i8510 Primera as this certainly looks like it could be a class leading device.


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