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Palm Treo - Windows Edition

 Palm Treo for Windows Available January 2006
27th September 2005

This handset has now been confirmed

The rumours about a Windows-based version of the Palm Treo handset have been around for a little while, but the official joint announcement from Palm, Microsoft and the US carrier Verizon was only made this week. So far the device doesn't have a name, but it is rumoured to be the Palm 670W, 700W or something similar.

This version is a 3G device running on the US EV-DO system, which is the 3G evolution of their 2G CDMA network. This means that this particular Treo won't be available in Europe or pretty much anywhere else in the world, but subsequent versions might be.

The physical characteristics are almost identical to the Palm Treo 650, but the reports are that the Windows Treo has a 240x240 pixel display which is a significantly lower resolution than the 320x320 pixels on the Treo 650. Also there's no WiFi either, unlike the HTC Universal - which is odd, because HTC will actually build the Windows Treo for Palm.

Of course the real news here is that Palm have licensed Windows Mobile at all instead of going with their own PalmOS operating system. This move has provoke howls of horror from PalmOS fans, and it certainly seems that PalmOS is a better operating system for this type of device. But really that's not the point..

..the point of course is about shifting product, and the PalmOS powered smartphones occupy a very small market niche. Many corporates prefer to use Windows throughout their organisations, despite the relative advantages offered by other smartphone OSes such as PalmOS or Symbian. So Palm have given in and decided to offer Windows Mobile as an option in addition to their PalmOS offerings.

However, the question about PalmOS is this - can it survive in the smartphone marketplace at all. Other PalmOS handsets, such as the interesting Samsung SGH-i530 have been cancelled, and indeed PalmOS even seems to be losing ground to Linux in smartphone market share.

Ironically, the Windows Treo could be good news for PalmOS, because it might well help secure the long-term future of Palm - without Palm, PalmOS wouldn't have a commercial future.

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Palm Treo (Windows Edition) Provisional Specifications


Jan 2006






240x240 pixels


Not specified


PDA device
115x60x22mm / 180 grams estimated




Not specified


Not specified



Battery life:

Not specified


Windows Mobile 5.0


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