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Leaked note shows Nokia intends to buy HTC

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 Nokia HTC logo  1st April 2011 

First Nokia shook the mobile phone world to its foundations by announcing that they would team up with Microsoft and switch to Windows Phone on its high-end devices.. and now there's another shock as a leaked note shows that Nokia intend to get themselves into the market by buying rivals HTC.

Of course, HTC is a rising star when it comes to manufacturers, and it is probably the leading manufacturer of Android handsets in addition to Windows devices. HTC fans - and there are many these days - will probably also be shocked to find that Nokia intend to terminate HTC's Android line, which will be a bitter blow to Google who back Android.

 Nokia / HTC / Microsoft memo Nokia isn't doing this alone - HTC is getting too big for most of its rivals to buy, so in this case Microsoft is helping with the acquisition which they clearly hope will cement Windows Phone 7 into a much stronger place in the market.

The revelations come in an apparently genuine and very personal letter from Stephen Elop to Steve Ballmer which outlines their secret plans for this move. We haven't had any comment from Nokia, Microsoft or HTC on this leaked letter yet, but the contents of the letter have been confirmed by Aprillipäivä, a well-known celebrity Finnish Twitterer. You can see a copy of the letter here if you want further conclusive proof.

Perhaps this will start of rash of consolidations in the industry.. LG-Samsung perhaps? Sony Ericsson Motorola? Who knows!

Note: yes.. this is an April Fool's joke. You can see the ones we did in past years here.


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