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Nokia "RM-57" - Tiny 3G Phone? (Errrr... nope)

Oops... we got this one completely wrong. The RM-57 is in fact, the Nokia 6680. The suspiciously SIM-card shaped space isn't what it appeared to be.

Our excuse.. it was a slow news day! Sorry! But you can see from the illustration (right) that the FCC diagram matches up almost perfectly with the back of the 6680/6681.

Just to appease you all:

  • We were wrong
  • We are sorry
  • We are muppets

However, you can see the real handsets right here.

 Nokia RM57 Announcement expected soon
12th February 2005

FCC approval has just been granted from a new and possibly very tiny 3G handset, codenamed the "RM-57". No pictures are available, but FCC approval document LJPRM-57 gives a tantalising glimpse into the possible physical size and characterstics.

FCC approval is being sought for a unit broadcasting in the 2402.0 to 2480.0 and 1850.2 to 1909.8  MHz range, which indicates to us a 3G + GSM device.

The rear diagram of the handset shows a space for a SIM card. Thanks to the magic of photographic manipulation, we can come up with a rough size. You can see quite clearly that the handset appears to be slightly smaller than a credit card in terms of size, we think coming in at about 86x44mm which is a little smaller than the Nokia 8310.

If our size estimates are correct, then this is probably the smallest 3G phone in the world. Of course, we haven't seen the front and it's always possible we may have misidentified the specfications, but it's clear that Nokia have something very interesting up their sleeves here, probably ready to be announced at the 3GSM world congress on 14th February 2005 or shortly afterwards.

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