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Nokia N800, N76, N93i and 6131 NFC

8th January 2007

Today Nokia announced four new devices at the CES show in Las Vegas. We'll have a closer look at these later, but in the meantime this is a quick preview.

Nokia N800

An upgrade to the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, the Nokia N800 now joins the N-Series of devices and is being pitched as an all-round internet and multimedia device.

Retaining the excellent screen from the 770, the N800 adds various hardware improvements such as more internal RAM, dual memory card slots, stereo speakers and more reliable connectivity in a sleeker looking package (but one that's still fairly hefty at 206 grams).

As with the previous model, the Nokia N800 runs the Maemo version of Linux, allowing access to a pretty impressive library of free applications from Maemo developers.

 Nokia N800

Nokia N76

A bit of a surprise - the Nokia N76 is for all intents and purposes Nokia's take on the RAZR, with a slim overall design and even the "kick" at the bottom of the keypad.

It's a 3G phone with a 2 megapixel camera, QVGA display and all the other features you'd expect in a lower end N-series device.

Despite the N76's slim looks, it still doesn't get below the 100 gram barrier, weighing in at 115 grams in a case 13.7mm thick.

 Nokia N76

Nokia N93i

More than just a cosmetic upgrade to the original Nokia N93, the N93i is a more compact and less heavy device with an improved screen, although it's still quite heavy at 163 grams.

As with the N93, there's a 3.2 megapixel camera with 3X optical zoom, a QVGA primary display, and high-quality video capture with 3G capabilties plus WiFi.

Overall, the technical changes are pretty minor, but the slimmer design is welcome as the original N93's bulk is a little offputting.

 Nokia N93i

Nokia 6131 NFC

The only non N-series device in this list, the Nokia 6131 NFC is a good deal less showy than the others.

Based on the Nokia 6131, the NFC model adds Near Field Communication support, allowing the device to be used for applications such as a digital wallet, security pass and location based services.

Whether or not NFC will ever take off is debatable, but the 6131 is certainly a discrete and smart handset that might help to take the technology to the mainstream.

 Nokia 6131 NFC

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