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Nokia N70 Music Edition, N73 Music Edition and N91 8GB

 Nokia N-Series Music 26th September 2006

Nokia has given three of its N-Series handsets a makeover, both in terms of looks and features. The technical enhancements are mainly more memory and improved multimedia software.

The most significant upgrade is to the Nokia N91 8GB (pictured centre) which now has an 8Gb hard disk, up from 4Gb on the original Nokia N91. It's an obvious enough upgrade for Nokia - hard disk capacities continue to increase, and it keeps the N91 one step ahead of its memory card based rivals. However, even with the makeover it's still a pug ugly phone.

The oldest handset to receive an upgrade is the Nokia N70 Music Edition. One of the original N-Series phones, many observers assumed that the N70 was going to be pensioned off.. but not so. The N70 music adds support for up to 1Gb of memory and adds a black finish, but it still doesn't fix the original N70's serious issues of a cramped keypad and relatively low resolution screen.

The Nokia N73 Music Edition is a bit of an oddity here - it's a very recently released handset with no major shortcomings. It can support up to 2Gb of memory and again the software has been improved. The original N73 is a well-liked handset, so the N73 Music should be just as well recieved.

Nokia say that the N70 and N73 Music should be available from October 2006 in certain markets, with the Nokia N91 8GB hitting the shops by Christmas.

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