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Nokia L'Amour Series

 Nokia L'Amour Series Expected Q1 2006
19th October 2005
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The "L'Amour Collection" consists of three high-fashion handsets from Nokia: the low end 7360, the 7370 rotating phone and the 7380 pen phone (pictured left to right), and they follow up from last years trio of the 7260 basic phone, 7270 clamshell phone and 7280 pen phone.

Nokia's press release includes some blurb about the different materials and inspirations used in the handsets, but what it really comes down to is that these are very attractive, quite "girlie" handsets.

Bear in mind that Nokia aren't the only people who can do things like this - the Siemens CL75 is another great looking and quite low cost fashion phone.

Slated for release in Q1 2006, these handsets will unfortunately not be available for the Christmas rush.

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