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Nokia Recalls AC-3 and AC-4 Chargers

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9th November 2009

Nokia announced a major recall of mobile phone chargers today, asking consumers to return certain AC-3E, AC-3U and AC-4U units manufactured this year. The problem with the chargers is a potentially loose cover which could detach and reveal live electrical cables.

 Nokia Chargers

These chargers were sold mostly in North America and Europe. British three-pin chargers are not part of this product recall, and UK customers will only need to be concerned if they have bought a US or Euro-style charger for travelling.

The chargers at fault were manufactured by BYD of China - the faulty AC-3U and AC-3E units between June 15th and August 9th 2009, and the AC-4U chargers between April 13th and October 25th 2009. If you bought your charger before those dates, then you don't need to worry.

Nokia have set up a web site at which allows customers to see if one of their handsets is subject to recall. Nokia say that the cost of the recall will be covered by BYD.

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