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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Review - Part 2

26th January 2009

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Media playback

This is an XpressMusic phone, so perhaps it makes sense to look at the 5800's music playback features.

The music player is straightforward to use, and the interface works either in landscape or portrait modes. The multifunction 3.5mm socket means that you can plug a variety of headphones into it, so you're not limited to the set in the box. Playback on headphones is clear and can be very loud, so there are no problems with sound reproduction here. There is one major drawback though - if you try listening to music on the 5800's loudspeaker, then it is very tinny and certainly not as good as other similar phones we have used.

 Nokia 5800 XpressMusic gallery

Videos and stills images can all be viewed in the gallery, again this is very easy to use and it works in both landscape and portrait modes. Video playback quality is excellent on the 3.2" internal display, or it can be sent to a TV with the supplied cable.

The wide screen ratio of the 5800 XpressMusic is an ideal format for TV playback, but the quality of the graphics doesn't scale too well to a large screen. It is very impressive for a mobile phone though. Pretty much everything that you see on the screen can be sent to a TV, including movie clips, web pages, audio tracks and games.

 Nokia 5800 XpressMusic TV output

  Nokia 5800 XpressMusic running Nokia Maps GPS

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is a GPS enabled device, and it comes with Nokia Maps. The fix time with Nokia Maps is very quick, but annoyingly this is one of those applications that only works in portrait "tall" mode, and not "wide" mode which you would normally use a dedicated satellite navigation system in.

Google Maps is also available, and downloads and runs just fine despite a warning that the application isn't compatible with the 5800. This version of Google maps supports the touchscreen and it's very easy to use, and it works in both wide and tall orientations. However, there's a catch.. when using the 5800 in wide mode, the GPS antenna is actually at the bottom and it gets a poor view of the satellites. This meant that it took a long time to get an accurate fix when used in this orientation.

Despite these limitations, the 5800 makes a much better GPS device than other Nokias because of the large touchscreen display.


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