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Motorola V635 Spotted

 Motorola V635 Discontinued
3rd January 2005

This article has been updated here.

Motorola's recent habit of not being able to keep a secret comes to light again with details of the Motorola V635 clamshell, plus a few poor quality pictures, coming to light on the FCC website.

The V635 has been rumoured for a couple of months now, but this is the first official documentation we've seen. The FCC approval might mean that the V635 hits the market quite soon.

Even from the poor quality photographs available, it's clear that the V635 follows the now traditional Motorola layout on the inside. Outside it looks a little different with the larger external display, but it still fits well into the Motorola range.

The main display is a 176x220 pixel unit in 262,000 colours, the same as in the V620. Outside is a relatively large sub-display, possibly of 96x64 pixels. Unit now, the external displays on the V-series clamshells have been very small. There's also a megapixel camera with a flash, and the external display works in conjunction with this to enable self portraits to be taken.

Under the cover is a slot for a TransFlash memory card, which can be used to store video clips, multimedia, Java applications and other data. As you might expect, the V635 supports Bluetooth and quad-band GSM, however it also supports EDGE for high-speed data in addition to GPRS. The V635 also has Instant Messaging, built-in handsfree, a WAP 2.0 web browser, PIM functionality, email client plus all the standard features you'd expect in this type of handset.

We can't quite understand why there hasn't been an official announcement of the V635 though. As a natural evolution to the V600 series of handsets, it's an obvious but not surprising development. After all, Sharp were doing this sort of thing with the GX30 almost a year ago. Still, it's a useful addition to Motorola's range of phones with a good set of features, and it looks quite pretty too.

No launch date for the V635 has been specified.

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Motorola V635 Provisional Specifications


H1 2005


Quad-band GSM




176x220 pixels, 262K colours (main)


1.0 megapixel


Medium clamshell
88x47x24mm / 120 grams









Battery life:

Not specified


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