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Motorola to split

 Motorola Splits 26th March 2008

Motorola officially announced today that it will split their Mobile Devices business into an independent, publicly traded business.

The as yet un-named Motorola Mobile Devices company will take the mobile handsets and accessories business, leaving the Broadband and Mobility Solutions business which deals with network infrastructure, set top boxes, wireless access systems, VOIP and cellular networks.

Motorola anticipate that this split will happen during 2009.

CEO Greg Brown said "We remain committed to improving the performance of our Mobile Devices business by delivering compelling products that meet the needs of customers and consumers around the world.. We believe strongly in our brand, our people and our intellectual property, and expect that the Mobile Devices business will be well-positioned to regain market leadership as a focused, independent company."

It has been rumoured for a while that Motorola may want to exit the mobile phone business altogether, however one unique problem for Motorola is branding. For most consumers, the Motorola name is synonymous with phones, so it is quite possible that the Motorola name will be carried by the Mobile Devices business with the rest of Motorola taking on a new name.

Creating a separate company also opens the way for a merger or takeover of Motorola's Mobile Devices business. By 2009 the firm will either have recovered somewhat or will be on its last legs, so rival firms may be hoping to pick up the Motorola brand name for next to nothing.

The full press release is here.

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