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Motorola ROKR E2 Rumours

 Motorola ROKR E2 Expected 2006
8th December 2005
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Motorola's first iTunes phone, the ROKR E1 was frankly a bit of a flop, but Motorola surprised many people by also including iTunes in the much more interesting RAZR V3i and SLVR L7 indicating that perhaps there was going to be a wide range of iTunes phones.

The next rumoured iTunes phone that we know of is the Motorola ROKR E2, a much smoother looking handset than the E1 with some technical improvements, although we think it will still be a 2G phone - so no 3G iTunes handset just yet. It's expected to have a megapixel class camera, micro SD memory, stereo Bluetooth and possibly a QVGA display and a bigger song capacity than the original device.

Quite when the ROKR E2 will hit the stores - and exactly what it will look like - is a mystery. The handset pictured is pretty close to what we believe the production handset will look like, but it's quite possible that we will see other ROKR handsets (including a long-rumoured device with an iPod style rotator).

Don't expect to see an announcement before Christmas though.. it's most likely that the official announcement of the ROKR E2 will happen just as the unit is ready to ship. An early announcement of the ROKR E2 could well kill sales of the ROKR E1 at a crucial time of the year for sales.

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Discuss this handset in our forum


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