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Motorola MPx220

18th June 2004

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First rumoured half a year ago, Motorola still haven't officially announced the Motorola MPx220 Smartphone, but it's common knowledge that it's on its way. However, Motorola haven't quite told everyone that works for them that the phone isn't due yet, as they've happily distributed information on the new MPx220 in their "Motonext" promotional booklet. Information is pretty minimal, but this is the first official word we've seen from Motorola on this phone.

 Motorola MPx220 Promotional Material

Motorola MPx220It's changed a little since first we saw the Motorola MPx220, although the general theme of the handset remains pretty much the same (see the image on the right). We accidentally caused a kerfuffle a few months ago when we quietly added a small conceptual design (see left) that speculated on colour schemes and camera placement. We wrongly predicted that the MPx220 would have EDGE and a VGA camera - instead there appears to be no EDGE support but the camera has been upgraded to 1.2 megapixels with a GX30-style flash. There's quad band GSM support too, instead of tri-band which is in line with most other high-end Motorola handsets.

Subject to final confirmation from Motorola, the MPx220 comes with mini-SD memory cards and has 64Mb of inbuilt storage (we think), Bluetooth, a 176x220 pixel main display in 65,000 colours, a smaller external display measuring 96x64 pixels, Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone Edition software including Internet Explorer and Pocket Outlook.

A little taller and thinner than the MPx200, the MPx220 measures 90x48x22 mm and weights 111 grams, which is fairly compact for a Smartphone. Talktime is thought to be about 4 hours with four to five days standby.

At time of writing, we are still waiting for an official announcment from Motorola on the availability of the MPx220. Best guess at the moment is an official announcement at the end of June or beginning or July and first shipments of the handset in September 2004. Presumably Motorola are still anxious to reduce inventory of the MPx200 phone before announcing its replacement.

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Motorola MPx220 Provisional Specifications


Q3 2004


Quad-band GSM




172x220 pixels, 65k colours (main)


1.2 megapixel


Medium clamshell
90x48x22 mm / 111 grams









Battery life:

4 hours talk / 4.5 days standby


Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone Edition



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