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Motorola Milestone Unboxing

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1st January 2010

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The Motorola Milestone is supplied in a small, cleanly designed box.

When you open it up, the Milestone device is tucked behind a cardboard partition.

Open it up, and you can see the Milestone with it's protective plastic attached.

Remove the handset, and you can see a warning to charge the phone fully before using it.

Remove the cardboard, and the rest of the contents are revealed, with a manual and software CD on the first layer.


Removing the CD shows the battery, headset, USB cable and mains adapter.. and that's all that is in the box.

The microSD card is preinstalled inside the phone, otherwise this is pretty spartan. There's no stand or carry case, and since the Milestone doesn't use a stylus then there isn't one of those either.

Just as a comparison, the box the Motorola Milestone comes in is fashionably compact, with a smaller footprint than a paperback book.. just a lot thicker.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [Unboxing] [Gallery] [Video]

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