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Motorola Milestone Review, Part 3.

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1st January 2010

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 Motorola Milestone Web Browser Motorola Milestone: Web browsing

The web browser on the Milestone is excellent, it renders almost everything perfectly including some quite tricky pages.

The 854 pixel wide display is ideal for web use, and the very fast processor means that pages load quickly.

Of course, the screen is much smaller than a PC so some things can be difficult to read, but you can zoom in on a portion of the page by double-tapping with your finger, or by placing two fingers on the screen and sliding them to change the zoom level - this second technique takes some getting used to.

There are some subtle but clever features in the browser - for example, if you click a YouTube link, the Milestone allows you to choose if you want to view it in your browser or open up the dedicated YouTube application for greater control.

 Motorola Milestone web browser It's easy to add and organise favourites and to switch between different windows. The browser works in both landscape (wide) and portrait (tall) modes, although landscape is the obvious choice for most uses.

 Motorola Milestone web browsing One slightly annoying thing about the Milestone's web browser is that some sites insist on defaulting to a "mobile" version of the page, when the handset is perfectly capable of displaying the full version.

Clicking on links seems daunting, especially as the text is often small and the only thing you have to click with is your finger. Still, the Motorola Milestone's Android software seems to get the right link almost all of the time.

If the built-in web browser doesn't quite suit, then there's also a version of Opera available plus some other browsers, and the rumours are that a version of Firefox is due to hit Android in 2010.

The Android Market has a whole bunch of other internet related applications too, so you are not limited to just the web browser when it comes to accessing your favourite sites.

It's very hard to fault the browser in any way, and since we think that web browsing is going to be one thing that most potential Milestone owners are interested in, then this makes it a very appealing device.

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