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Motorola 4500X Gallery

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 Motorola 4500X back
Motorola 4500X showing antenna, cord connection and release mechanism

 Motorola 4500X side
Side view of the 4500X showing the cradle and "Motorola Partner" branding

 Motorola 4500X front

At the front is a battery cover, again the large antenna is obvious.

 Motorola 4500X top
The view from the top

 Motorola 4500X with Motorola FONE

A contemporary phone gives some idea of the huge size of the 4500X

 Motorola 4500X display
The ten digit LED display is visible, plus indications for "in use", "no service" and "roaming".

If you were lucky you might get a 9.5kg portable computer to go with it, like this Sharp PC-7200

 Compaq Portable II
If you were less lucky, then you might have a 12kg Compaq Portable II instead.



Click here for the main article.

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