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Mobile Gazette is 5

 Mobile Gazette is 5 10th October 2008

It is Mobile Gazette's fifth birthday! We kicked off with a single item looking at the wacky Nokia 7600 in September 2003, followed by a very soft launch on 10th October 2003 when we examined the Motorola MPx200 Windows clamshell.

Other early handsets we looked at were the Siemens MC60, Samsung E700, Nokia 3200, Nokia N-Gage, LG G7050, Sony Ericsson P900, Panasonic X70, O2 X1, NEC E616 and the Sendo X. Out of this whole bunch, the E700 and P900 stand out as devices that you still might sometimes see in use today, the rest are pretty much forgotten.

When we started out, there were only a few dozen different types of phone generally on sale in most markets. Since then, we have covered about 800 new handsets and even then we haven't been able to fully keep up with the huge number of mobile phones that have been released over the past few years.

Back in 2003, colour displays and cameras were just starting to be common features. Most phones had GPRS, a few even supported 3G. But MP3 players and expandable memory were a rarity, and even Bluetooth took some time to become accepted as a standard. As for WiFi and GPS.. well, frankly those type of features were pretty much inconceivable back then.

Why did Mobile Gazette get started in the first place? Simply because back in 2003 there were very few sites dedicated to mobile phones, MobileBurn, GSMArena and PhoneArena being three excellent early sites that are still around today, but we were looking for something with a different perspective - a site that could be useful to those who worked in the mobile industry, businesses and enthusiasts from the UK.

So, armed with a vague sort of vision as to what we wanted and a sprinkling of humour, we created a site that weighed up the pros and cons of everything we covered, tried to mix the unusual with the mainstream and make something that was a little different from anything else on offer. And that's still the same mix that Mobile Gazette uses today.

It's been a fun five years, and it is time to say a big thank you to our thousands of regular readers, our army of press contacts and occasional contributors and all those people who have put up with our bad spelling over the years.

We will have some special "retro" articles coming out over the next few weeks, slotted in between the traditionally busy pre-Christmas announcements. We hope you can stick around for those.. and indeed we hope that you'll be reading our next birthday missive in another five years or so..

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