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LG GW990 Preview

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 LG GW990 Cancelled
11th January 2010

NOTE: this phone has been cancelled

Touting probably the largest screen of any mobile phone ever, the LG GW990 has been developed by Intel and LG as the vanguard of the next generation of smartphones.

The 4.8" 1024 x 480 pixel display is the most immediately obvious feature of the LG GW990, and a consequence this is a really big device, by our reckoning it has a footprint of around 140 x 60mm.

Underneath this is running on the Intel Moorestown platform, based on the popular Intel Atom processor found on many modern netbooks. The idea behind using Moorestown in a device like this is to bring no compromise, full computing capabilities to a device that will fit in your pocket.. well, perhaps if you have quite big pockets that is.

The LG GW990 runs the Moblin operating system, a product of the Linux Foundation. Moblin is pitched at products from netbooks to what they call "mobile internet devices", so it is aimed at that market segment between (say) Android on smartphones and Ubuntu on full-blown PCs.

Moblin has been around for long enough to get to version 2.1, but the Mobile Garage (their equivalent of an App Store) has just 51 applications in at present.. however, those applications do include sophisticated things like AbiWord for word processing, Firefox, the GIMP graphics program and FreeCiv which is a strategy game.

Although this is a 3.5G HSPA device, LG say that the GW990 platform can be extended to include 4G technologies such as LTE, although this obviously would be a different hardware variant.

Other information is pretty sparse - LG haven't provided any technical specifications, device photographs or anything else we can get our teeth into. There's no guidance on price either, our guess is that we would be surprised to see much change from €1000 SIM-free and it could be even more than that.

The LG GW990 is slated for release sometime during the second half of 2010, we expect to see further details from LG on specifications perhaps as early as next month. We're also guessing that they will have a much more sexy name than "GW990" lined up for launch as well.

Picture credits: LG / Intel

Intel have provided a couple of video clips so that you can see the LG GW990 in action.

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