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LG GD900: Second Preview

 LG KGD900 Discontinued
2nd April 2009

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LG have given us a second preview of the LG GD900, a phone with a novel transparent keypad, but they still haven't let slip the handset's full specification.

Not only is the keypad impressive to look at, but it is also touch-sensitive, as is the 3" widescreen display. Of course, all keypads are touch-sensitive, but in this case you can draw on it and drag and drop objects exactly as you can do on the screen.

This dual-control comes into its own when used with the music player, but we can see that it is useful in several other applications too.

The GD900 is another handset to feature LG's new S-Class interface which uses a 3D model with multi-touch capabilities. This is LG's attempt to bring an "iPhone level" of sophistication to their touchscreen phones. How well this works in the real world is yet to be seen.

As for the GD900's "pet name", this could be the "LG Crystal" or perhaps "LG Titan". Crystal seems more likely to us, but the Titan name is on some of the document we got hold of, perhaps "Titan" is just the development name.

Full details should be announced some time next month. We look forward to getting the whole picture, in the meantime here is an LG teaser trailer with our own commentary.


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