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LG GD900 Preview

16th February 2009

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We don't have much to go on with the LG GD900 as full details will be announced sometime later this year. However, the unique selling proposition for this phone is the transparent keypad which slides into the GD900's polished silver body.

There's also a translucent Bluetooth headset to go with it. Other than the fact that this is a 3G phone (because of the front-facing camera), there's very little that we can tell you.

One thing is for certain, we haven't seen a phone like this before. And we can't quite make up our mind if this is some sort of gimmick, or if LG are going to set a new trend here. We have to confess that it does look quite cool though.

 LG GD900 front

 LG GD900 back

 LG GD900 open

 LG GD900 headset



 LG GD900

 LG GD900


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