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LG Chocolate 2009 Teaser

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Expected 2009
7th July 2009

LG have been a bit of a tease this year, and their early look at the next-generation LG Chocolate (we're going to call it the LG Chocolate 2009 for now) is another peek at something enticing.

The original Chocolate phone was a bit of a game changer for LG and indeed the whole mobile phone market back in 2006. The original Chocolate sold in large numbers and got LG noticed by consumers, and its sleek and glossy design was one of the best looking devices around until the iPhone turned up.

We really don't know much about the new Chocolate at all, except that LG say that it "will be a disruptive force in conventional mobile screens in an effort to maximize usability yet carry on the minimalist-inspired style and iconic design of its predecessor." So we're guessing that this means no touchscreen.. which is actually a bit of a relief.

 LG Chocolate 2009

 LG Chocolate 2009

 LG Chocolate 2009

 LG Chocolate 2009

Full details of the new Chocolate will hopefully be available next month. In the mean time, these moodily lit photographs are all we have to go on. It certainly looks like a very elegant handset from what we can see!

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