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Kogan Agora canned, "Fake" T-Mobile G2 causes stir

 Kogan Agora 16th January 2009

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Just days before its launch, the Kogan Agora has been pulled by its distributor citing potential problems with the size and resolution of the screen. In an official blog posting, Kogan boss Ruslan Kogan says that it has been delayed indefinitely - but it is most likely that the handset will have to be cancelled altogether. Kogan says that all customers will get a full refund.

 Not the T-Mobile G2 Meanwhile, a video of what appears to be a fake T-Mobile G2 has caused something of a stir, but despite the attention to detail and a very cute Android-style charger, this handset is actually the Sciphone Dream G2 with a fake OS that is designed to look like Android. The video in question was shot by Haimei Electronics and their product page states at the bottom: OS is not Android, not support Android application installation.

 G2 Charger The G2 is yet another product of China's famously relaxed approach when it comes to respecting other people's designs.

So, the race to be the second Android phone to market is still very much on. Huawei looks like a possible contender - a company perhaps best known in Europe for USB data dongles. That has indicated that it hopes to launch an Android device during the first quarter of 2009.

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