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July 2012 Roundup

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1st August 2012

New releases tend to get fewer and fewer as we head into the summer months. These are the new handset releases we covered during July:


The big-screen dual-core 4G Motorola ATRIX HD sits at the top end of Motorola's range in terms of performance and price, but right down on the other end is the budget Motorola MOTOSMART which offers a more modest specification and a significant cheaper price tag. Samsung also released a rare messaging-style Android smartphone with the Samsung Galaxy Chat, aimed squarely at BlackBerry users.

 Motorola ATRIX HD
Motorola ATRIX HD


 Samsung Galaxy Chat
Samsung Galaxy Chat

Other news

The past few months have been very eventful in the world of mobile operating systems, and we have a look to see what is next in mobile OSes. We also look at the Firefox OS in more depth and ponder whether or not it will be safe. Finally, we examine the consequences of O2's recent major network failure in the UK for businesses.


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