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I want 4G.. but what is it?

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 I want 4G.. but what is it? 17th September 2012

Most smartphone and tablet users say they welcome the new 4G technology yet the vast majority have no idea what it is – according to a new survey.

The poll, by mobile casino, found a massive 89% of respondents were looking forward to the introduction of the new mobile technology even though less than a quarter - just 24% - knew what it actually did.

A further 18% said they welcomed 4G technology but believed that 5G – which doesn’t yet exist – would be ‘significantly better.’

Nearly all of those quizzed (92%) were able to identify what 3G was and how they were able to use it on their smartphones and tablets.

The poll also revealed major technological naivety amongst smartphone and tablets users with the vast majority (79%) stating they would welcome new technology regardless of whether or not they knew what it did and what benefits it offered.

A more cautious one in five (21%) said they would like more technical detail before making a decision on whether the new service was a good thing.

Men were found to be bigger advocates than women when it came to new technology with consumers aged between 21 and 40 revealed as the most likely to stay abreast of the latest innovations.

A spokesman from said the results showed consumers believed that new technology was by default a good thing.

He said: “What our findings show is that the vast majority of people simply believe that new is good.

“In recent years there have been so many technological advances which have made significant improvements to our lives that it makes sense that mobile and tablet users are keen to continue to embrace new technology regardless of whether or not they understand it.

“It was interesting to note that things which seemed newer - such as 4G instead of 3G - were viewed to be an improvement, simply because they were perceived as more advanced.”

He concluded: “I think for the vast majority of smartphone and tablet users their belief is simply ‘I don’t care about the technical details, if it’s an improvement on what we already have then I’ll take it’, and who can argue what that?”

Sample size 800


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