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Huawei at Mobile World Congress 2010

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 Huawei at MWC 2010 17th February 2010

Chinese firm Huawei are probably best known for their popular range of 3G USB modems (or dongles), but they are also a mobile phone manufacturer, and they are hoping to capitalize on their success in the data market with a range of new Android smartphones due to hit the market in 2010.

Top of the range is the Huawei U8800, an Android 2.1 device with HSPA+ data support, giving a maximum download speed of up to 14 Mbps. The U8800 also sports a large 3.8" touchscreen display, and it should be available during Q3 2010.

Much further down the range are the Huawei U8100 and U8110 which have 2.8" QVGA touchscreen displays, 3.2 megapixel cameras and WiFi support. Huawei say that these handsets should hit the market during Q2.

These aren't the first Android handsets from Huawei, one notable handset they have shipped already is the T-Mobile Pulse. It isn't clear if Huawei are expecting to sell these under their own name or with carrier branding on them.

 Huawei U8300 A rather odder looking device is the Huawei U8300, this is another Android phone, but this time with a wide body and a QWERTY keyboard underneath. The U8300 is designed for users of social networking sites and will come in green, yellow and purple colours.

We think that the U8300 reminds us of the ancient NEC E808, which wasn't exactly a screaming success. There's no word on when the U8300 will hit the market, but we rather suspect that this odd looking device is not something that you will see around any time soon.


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