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HTC Steps Out of the Shadows

 HTC 15th June 2006

HTC is well known in the industry as the manufacturer of a huge number of Windows smartphones, often sold under operator brands or the i-Mate or Qtek brands.

It's a little-know fact that HTC actually own the Qtek brand, and they have decided now to phase out the Qtek name and brand future devices with HTC. They've even designed a spiffy new logo to reinforce the branding. HTC will continue to supply devices to other partners, and they'll still distribute handsets through the same channels as Qtek.

This is a good move by HTC as their old branding strategy led to confusion: when a product was initially launched there would be some buzz about it under the "HTC" name, but some of that was lost when it was rebranded as a Qtek. This move should enable HTC to step out of the shadows and get the recognition it deserves for being an innovative, leading-edge mobile device manufacturer.

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