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Orange, T-Mobile create Everything Everywhere

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11th May 2010

 Everything Everywhere

Orange and T-Mobile in the UK announced today that the name of their joint venture will be "Everything Everywhere Ltd", but that the T-Mobile and Orange brands would remain, and would be targeted as distinct brands with a slightly different customer base.

Behind the scenes, Everything Everywhere hopes to save money by combining the cellular networks themselves and you can assume that there will be efficiencies in the back office function that can be found (or put another way, people will probably lose their jobs).

The management team is made up from a mix of T-Mobile and Orange staff, with Orange's Tom Alexander in the CEO role, and T-Mobile's Richard Moat taking the #2 CFO and Deputy Chief Executive post.

Everything Everywhere will officially be created on the 1st July, they claim over 30 million customers in the UK, have 700 shops and 16,500 employees for the time being.

As for the name.. well, it's unlikely that customers will ever come into contact with the "Everything Everywhere" brand so probably won't care too much that it sounds a bit silly. Frankly we thought that Magenta Telecom was a good name, or even a revival of the old One2One brand.. when employees get asked who they work for, their response of "Everything Everywhere" will probably be met by blank stares of confusion.

It will be interesting to see how Everything Everywhere works to differentiate their brands, and hopefully there will still be enough rivalry left over between Orange and T-Mobile to bring a bit of friendly competition to the market.



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