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 Contraband Cover Available now
7th February 2008

A mobile phone with a built-in gun? Not the usual type of device we cover, but then Contraband is not your usual type of graphic novel.

Set in what is perhaps the not-too-distant future, Contraband pictures a society addicted to violent, user-generated content - posted to the "Contraband" network. Imagine YouTube gone very, very bad and you'll get the idea.

Perhaps we're not there yet, but several disturbing cases involving YouTube show worrying signs that the future portrayed by Contraband is not as far-fetched as it sounds.

The plot centres around a character called Toby who decides to become a "citizen journalist". After attempting to film a secret transaction, Toby is drawn into a dangerous web of violence, greed and sabotage.

On one hand, Contraband examines the social aspects of violence and voyeurism, on the other hand it's a fast paced unusual story with some very attractive artwork (see some details below). In our opinion, Contraband looks like an intelligent and interesting read.. and yes, the mobile phone with a gun does make an appearance.

One interesting feature about Contraband is the background of its writer, TJ Behe who has done extensive work in the mobile content industry, combined with illustrations from Phil Elliott, an experienced artist who has done work for Marvel and DC in the past.

Contraband is available now for download from EyeMelt digital comics, or is available to pre-order from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Amazon.de and several other outlets. Further information on can also be found at ContrabandComic.com.


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