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Android confuses consumers despite success

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12th June 2012

More than eight in ten mobile phone users are confused about the meaning of the word ‘Android’ even though many use the operating system on a daily basis – according to a new poll.

The survey, by mobile casino Roxy Palace, found than 83% of those quizzed were unable to define what Android meant even though many were using the operating system on their smartphones and tablet devices.

Some thought Android was a mobile phone manufacturer with others believing it was the model name of their device.

Contrastingly, nearly all (98%) of those quizzed understood that Apple was the manufacturer of the iPhone.

Manufacturers including Samsung, Motorola, LG, Windows and HTC all use the Android software on their smartphones.

Almost two thirds of respondents (64%) thought Blackberry was a manufacturer of electronic devices rather than a model name, and just ten per cent were able to name Research In Motion as makers.

Brand names were found to be generally much better recognised that product types, with 85% of those surveyed stating that they had heard of the iPad compared to just 54% who said they knew what the term tablet meant.

Similarly 98% said they had heard of the iPhone yet only 80% was able to accurately explain what a smartphone was.

The poll also found that the iPhone was still the most well known smartphone model on the market, followed by the BlackBerry.

A spokesman from, who develop games across all tech platforms, said the findings show just how little consumers know about the systems assisting their day to day life, with the exception of Apple.

He said: “The research shows two main things – one that individual products are better recognised than product types and two that the Apple goods such as the iPhone and iPad have much higher levels of awareness amongst consumers than their competitors.

“For many people it appears they are happy to know what smartphone they have and know what functions it can perform, without looking at the operating system behind it.

“There is a lot of confusion out there. If you hang around long enough in a big electrical store you'll hear someone describe a non-Apple tablet device for example as an HTC iPad.”

He concluded: “It was also interesting to note that even with increasing competition in the market the iPhone and BlackBerry still scored highest in terms of consumer awareness. With the new iPhone 5 anticipated to launch later this year we would predict this trend to continue.”


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