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3 Like Home

 3 Like Home Available now
17th January 2007

The last time we talked about a tariff, it was 3's X-Series flat rate data plan. Well, 3 have shaken things up again with their "3 Like Home" campaign that aims to cut costs for 3 customers roaming between different national 3 networks.

3's concept is compelling and simple - someone travelling from the UK (for example) can use their existing 3 call plan in any other 3 country, including texts, voice calls, video calls and data.. and that includes the X-Series flat rate plan. 3's new roaming agreement is a little complicated, but essentially customers will be charged pretty much the same rate that they would be in their home country. Additionally, 3's customers will no longer have to pay to receive calls when roaming onto another 3 network.

It's a pretty bold move by 3 - roaming receipts are a major source of income - but it certainly marks the company out from the competition. Other networks will probably be reluctant to follow suit, which will give 3 a certain competitive advantage.

Of course, there's a drawback. 3 is a pretty small operation internationally, with operations in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong and Australia.. so this only applies to those countries (although in one form or another "3 Like Home" will eventually be rolled out to all eight countries). Notably, 3 does not operate in Germany, France, Spain or North America.. but even so, many potential customers will find the new arrangement compelling.

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