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Sony Ericsson Idou

Available now (as Sony Ericsson Satio)
15th February 2009

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Note: this phone is now called the Sony Ericsson Satio

Sony Ericsson look to have started a new round of the megapixel wars with the Sony Ericsson Idou smartphone - a 12.1 megapixel multimedia monster with a Xenon flash, wide touchscreen display, 3.5G support, GPS and WiFi.

Apart from the XPERIA X1, all previous Sony Ericsson smartphones have been based on the UIQ interface running on top of Symbian. Development of UIQ ceased last year, so the Idou will run the new operating system from the Symbian Foundation, meaning that it will be related to the S60 operating system as found on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

 Sony Ericsson Idou

 Sony Ericsson Idou

It's an exciting handset, but Sony Ericsson say that we will have to wait until the second half of 2009 to see the Idou reach the market, and by this time there may well be other 12 megapixel devices available.

We don't know the full specifications of the Idou at present, but the details that Sony Ericsson have given out are enough to get a good idea of what will go into this device.

The "Idou" name is strange, and it probably won't be the name the phone has when it goes on sale. "Idou" (Ἰδοὺ) is Greek for "Behold", and the Samsung Behold is the marketing name for the US Samsung T919. The word "Idou" is perhaps just a little too close to "Idiot" in English too.

Because of the long time that we will have to wait for this phone, it is perhaps better to think of the Idou as a "statement of intent." Sony Ericsson are telling us two things - that they are committed to produce high-end touchscreen devices, and that at least some of those devices will run Symbian. We look forward to seeing this device for real later in the year.

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Sony Ericsson Idou Provisional Specifications


H2 2009






Not specified (16:9 widescreen)


12.1 megapixels


Not specified



Memory card:

Not specified


Not specified







Battery life:

Not specified


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