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Sharp 703 (Vodafone V703SH)

 Sharp 703 (Vodafone V703SH) Discontinued
29th July 2005

To be launched in Japan during August, the Vodafone V703SH / Sharp 703 is one of the lightest 3G handsets that we've seen to date, coming in at 107 grams. In fact we believe the only 3G phone that weighs less than the V703SH is the Samsung Z500 at just 95 grams.

Following the pattern of the Sharp 902 (Vodafone V902SH) and Sharp 802 (Vodafone V802SH) handsets, the Sharp 703 is a squared-off design with a high resolution 240x320 pixel display. On the 703 this measures 2" diagonally, and is a 262,000 colour TFT unit, but it doesn't swivel like the unit in the V902SH or V903SH. The primary camera is a 1.3 megapixel device, with a secondary camera for video calls.

The internal memory is just 8Mb, but this can be expanded with miniSD cards, although the Sharp 703 isn't provided with one as standard. As you would expect the V703SH is a Bluetooth phone. Although the initial press materials don't explicity state details, we assume that the Sharp 703 also comes with an MP3 player, email client and web browser.

In Japan the V703SH will be available in Orange, Green, Black or White. It is not known at present if this handset will be available in Europe, but as it also has tri-band GSM 900/1800/1900 on top of WCDMA 3G, then it is perfectly capable of operating on European 3G networks too.

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Sharp 703 (Vodafone V703SH) at a glance


Q3 2005


UMTS (3G) + Tri-band GSM




240x320 pixels, 262,000 colours


1.3 megapixels


Medium clamshell
99x47x23mm / 107 grams









Battery life:

2.5 hours talk


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