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Samsung X460 (SGH-X460)

 Samsung SGH-X460 Discontinued
30th August 2004

The Samsung X460 can be consider a straight replacement for the Samsung X450 with broadly similar specifications, except Samsung have done some work on looks and come up with an attractively curvacious handset with an integrated antenna and external display, neither of which featured in the earlier model.

The main display is a straightforward 128x160 pixel unit in 65,000 colours. The external display is a monochrome 96x64 unit. The SGH-X60 is a very lightweight phone, coming in at just 75 grams, and with physical dimensions of just 86x43x23mm it's quite tiny too.

 Samsung SGH-X460 closed Styling is typical Samsung, and although it looks quite elegant, it does look pretty similar to other silver Samsungs. Perhaps Samsung have woken up to this fact, and the SGH-X460 is available in a range of four exciting colours.. three of which are different shades of silver (Metallic, Cloud and Shadow silver). Plus there's Ice Green.. although we guess it still looks quite silvery.

Looks aside, the Samsug X460 is a pretty basic phone. There's no camera (although you can forgive the SGH-X460 this because of its light weight). It's only a dual-band GSM phone, but it does have GPRS, WAP 2.0, Java, and polyphonic ringtones.

Internal memory is 8Mb which isn't bad for a phone of this class. Samsung state that the SGH-X460's talktime is up to 3.8 hours with up to 230 hours standby time. The battery life isn't great, but remember this is a tiny phone aimed at casual users.

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Samsung X460 (SGH-X460) at a glance


Q3/4 2004






128x160 pixels, 65,000 colours




Compact clamshell
86x43x23mm / 75 grams




Not specified





Battery life:

3.8 hours talk / 9 days standby


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